Thursday, July 29, 2010

iPhone 3G and iOS4 Warning followup

Hello everybody

I assume that you all were as surprised as I have been when Apple today finally (after 4 months or so of being told on a regular base) acknowledged that they trashed the 3G devices with iOS 4. It might have had to do with the fact that they have surely done a significant amount of warranty 3G replacements and it might also be related to iOS 4.1 being said to solve it, nobody will ever know.

What I know is that I lost confidence in Apple and my last nerve after my iPhone shut down after 20 hours of idle although it was fully loaded before, where it with iOS3 lasted up to a week. The only way to squeeze out more was to disable notifications, which is more than just suboptimal.

As Apple does not want to offer any solution to the problem, I went the same way a few others went and used the one solution that solves it forcefully.

As my 3G is from 2008, my warranty ran out a long time anyway, making the decision if I should „redsn0w“ the problem pretty trivial.

And guess what: The redsn0w jailbroken iOS4 installation (disabled multitasking & wallpaper features) now has the good old battery runtime and much better performance again and runs in circles around the previous iOS4 installation in performance and battery life and that even with enabled notifications.

Subjectively and from Free Memory / AppBox pro data, it seems like I even have more ram free than on iOS 3.1.3

As I always avoided and was against jailbreaking (I know that some cool tools exist over there, but to me it was a thing that is more a problem to me as iphone dev than a help but in this case I just had no options any longer), it took me a while to find some usefull article on how to do it but finally I found

If you download the 4.0.0 ipsw from there it will go through the installation without any problem and work fine afterwards.

I hope quite some of you will get back a usable iPhone 3G on iOS4 this way too.


Herr_Alien said...

Welcome to marketing!
Artificially phasing out old products is one of the ways to obtain a market for the newer ones. And Steve Jobs is not in this business to make the world better. He's in it for money.

Unknown said...

I'm very well aware of that.
But its one thing to phase out support, but a totally different one to brick tens of millions of devices on purpose as Apple did.
In many countries this would actually have brought them in the situation where they would have had to replace the devices (in some european ones they actually have to), its just the US law that protects them from fair treatment.
Fair treatment because they lured their users into upgrading through spreading purposely false informations and as such deserve to be forced to pay for it, in a way that ensures that Apple remembers that betrayal and stealing is still a crime, even if you are a 240B monster.

And that it was on purpose is out of question, because they had hundreds to thousands of reports on the problems before it even went into gold master state.
4.1 will solve some of it but how much will have to be seen.
I decided to jailbreak my 3G cause I have no warranty any longer anyway and nothing to lose cause the device can't work any slower (my first mobile, a nokia 3310 a decade or so ago, was faster and more responsive on sms and notes writting than the 3g was prior to jailbreaking)

Herr_Alien said...

Well, replacing the hardware on the account of a software update may be a bit too much.

I would expect however the upgrade to the 4.1 version of the OS to be free for the 3G users that had these problems. From a sales point of view, this is possible, since Apple knows what 3G owner upgraded to 4.0

Anyway, good luck with the phone.

Unknown said...

OS updates are actually always free for iphone owners, means 4.0 was as free as 4.1 will be. Will have to be seen how much more solid 4.1 is performance wise. I don't install betas onto my usage phone so I can't comment on it yet.

the problem is that apple locks the hardware from downgrading (neither the user nor shops can do it, only apple itself seems to be able to), thats where the hardware replacement requirement comes in.