Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unity Blogger Gadget and Unity iFrame Gadget

Hello everybody

I would like to welcome all of you to my todays blog on two little helpers I've written and which I would like to share with you.

These two helpers are:

1. A Unity Blogger Gadget so you can embed a unity webplayer straight into your blogger blog
2. A Unity iFrame Gadget to embed a unity webplayer easily into a blog posting or website

Unity Blogger Gadget

The Unity Blogger Gadget is a small XML that enables you to use a unity webplayer as part of your Blogger Template. It will be always present.

To use it, choose to add a new gadget and select that you want to use an own gadget and enter the following url to use it: and accept.
The appearing window allows you to configure the URL to the player and the width / height of the player area

Unity iFrame Gadget

The Unity iFrame Gadget is a wrapper that is of use whereever you want to embed the Unity webplayer without forcing in all the regular webplayer generated HTML code. For example a blog post, a CMS and alike.

Similar to the Blogger Gadget, it also offers some configurability, namely url, width and height.
Unlike the Blogger Gadget though you have to pass these data as parameters to the gadget.

The gadget itself can be found at
As an example, lets check out the below example which bases on an iframe and shows a webplayer at 560x420 pixel resolution with an iFrame thats slightly larger to host it without bars

iframe height="440" src="" width="590"
This is a html tag just without the opening and closing brackets

The webplayer in this case is located in the same place as the gadget as it serves as an example. You would normally provide an url like url= with your own width and height :)


Feel free to drop me feedback, input, questions and requests, be it through comments or mail.
I'm looking forward to hear from you and see your usages of it :)


The example is a slightly modified Unity Network Example (can be found at where the server is running as headless client on my server.

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