Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The iPhone, the devs and the future

Hello everybody

It has been a while since my last blog.
This was due to Apple’s change of the Terms of Service for developers and the devastating consequences for many smaller and especially contract developers using middleware, including me.

Unlike others though I decided to not blog hate chants and alike on the topic but at least attempt to stay calm while I evaluate alternatives and potential solutions and do all I can to makeup for the lost income from at least for now frozen projects.
It has been a busy and very stressful time and my amount of sleep definitely has suffered.

But its starting to get better and the future is starting to look brighter.
Not needfully with Unity iPhone but on one hand there is Android thats gaining serious momentum at least on the sales numbers and with the new NDK and Android 2.2 it might finally become an option for non-freeware devs.

But on the other hand I’ve spent a lot of time to learn new things to have fallback options should all go wrong.

Due to all this I haven’t had any time to work on my personal projects, neither an enhancement of the Unity Blogger and Unity iFrame gadget, nor did I have time to continue with UniCate.
If all continues the way its currently progressing I am though confident to be soon able to work on them again and provide the community with a nice, simple and flexible IRC library and further simple to use measures to integrate their Unity webplayer in their other content, be it posting, blog or website.
Thats my wish and target for the close future and I hope to soon be able to provide them to you.

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