Monday, September 27, 2010

It landed: Unity 3 has been released

There are such days which you awaited for a long time and once they really happen, you are unsure if the day is real.
Today is such a day, long awaited by many independent game developers, awaited like no other this summer: Unity Technologies pushed the red button which rockets Unity 3 out of the beta right into its release, which you can find on Unity's website

Unity 3 is introducing many new things, from new powerfull editor functionalities like „drag align to surface“ for any type of surface (including freeform mesh objects), over long awaited enhancement of security standards on the webplayer (crossdomain access xmls) up to the two top class middleware technologies Beast and Umbra which power Unity 3 and offer a serious raise on the visual quality and performance level when utilized correctly.

With the release of the new board and the new website in the past days upfront this release, the unity environment went through a solid overhaul.
The page overhaul also updated the feature pages and the license comparision pages, so all interested upgraders can get an idea on what they would get for upgrading.

What also is of interest for many is that as with the previous generation of the awarded Unity engine, there is a free version of it available again that lets you experience and use large parts of the technology for free, be it for private, for educational or for commercial usage!

Right now, jumping the download would likely not help you all that much, because the large interest in the new version has its impact on the licensing server, in short you have only a restricted chance of activating your license.

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