Friday, February 19, 2010

iPhone AppStore 3G filesize limits raised

As various users have reported independent of each other, Apple has raised the filesize border on the iPhone AppStore while being 3G connected.

The original filesize limit was 10MB. That means that any file / product that was smaller or equal to 10mb in size could be bought and/or downloaded when on 3G. Anything larger required WiFi.

Somewhen in the past 24 hours it seems though like Apple raised this bar from 10MB to 20MB which will enable a much larger amount of apps to be 3g available. Even for those already within the original 10MB its good news, as it means that they have no another 10MB available to spend on assets and game content.

For me as Unity iPhone Advanced user this is actually great news.
Unity, due to its nature as precompiled engine, that uses a reduced amount of the .NET runtimes, has already a base size of several MBs without any game data present in the application, which didn‘t leave much room for quality assets.
With the raise to 20MB for the 3G app limit, this now has changed, allowing us to integrate more assets while still fullfilling the 3G download limits!

I hope you all enjoy this just as much as I do :)

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